Yoga Gift Hamper | Singing Bowl, Coaster & Keychain



The perfect Yoga gift for Yoga Lovers, Yoga teachers and your Yoga-inspired loved ones.

Yoga gift hamper set includes: 

1) Golden coloured 5 MDF coasters with Surya namaskar pose. Size: 4 X 0.47 ”

2) 4-inch singing bowl with high quality cushion and stick. Bring that peaceful calm ambience setting the perfect atmosphere for your meditation session. The bowl’s sublime sound, exquisitely crafted design and resonant vibrations embrace you with deepening clarity and serenity. Please select the colour of the singing bowl before checkout.

3) Meditation design key chain

Vegan Friendly

Cruelty Free

No Added Chemicals

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This Yoga gift hamper comes with a choice of singing bowl

Yoga gift hamper set includes: 

Golden colored 5 MDF coasters with Surya namaskar pose.

5 yoga-inspired coasters with a gold finish. Features different Yoga poses and is the perfect Yoga design gift for your home decor.

Size: 4 X 0.47 ”

4-inch singing bowl with cushion and stick.

4-inch singing bowl with high-quality cushion and stick. Perfect for setting a relaxing atmosphere for your meditation session. When a singing bowl is played it will produce a sound unique to that bowl. The sound comes from the size, shape, weight, and even history of the bowl.

When played the singing bowl produces vibrations that can help your body relax and heal.

Meditation design key chain.

Perfect gift for your Yoga-inspired loved ones.

Weight 1.1 kg

Green Singing Bowl, Blue Singing Bowl, Golden Singing Bowl