Moringa and River Bed Clay Shampoo Bar 75G


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Moringa and River Bed Clay Shampoo Bar 75G

The newest in our range of Ayurvedic-inspired shampoo bars- Moringa and River Bed Clay Shampoo Bar.

Unlike most shampoo bars found online, our shampoo bars are made with real plants and we take pride in using 100% natural ingredients making our products all-natural and 100% vegan friendly.

Other benefits of Moringa oil include rich nutrients such as zinc which can help boost keratin production to strengthen your hair and help prevent breakages and split ends. This can also help protect your hair from hot and humid environments throughout the day.

Many oils used in shampoo can have a slight tint in them which can sometimes affect the color of your hair. However, Moringa actually creates a clear oil so that this issue does not occur. These benefits make Moringa shampoo bars a great choice for dyed hairs or all-natural hair.

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