Mahua And Its Benefits For Skincare

When it comes to Ayurvedic skincare, there is probably no other tree and herb that holds as much importance as the Mahua tree..

Mahua is loaded with active compounds that give tremendous medicinal and therapeutic value. In Ayurveda, Mahua is regarded as a Universal Formula. The butter tree commonly called known as Mahua, is an Ayurvedic plant native to India.

Mahua seed oil has been the preferred cooking oil in India.

Because of its ghee-like texture, this tree has earned the name, butter tree. More than just a source of healthy eating, Mahua is a source of hard fat that is used in production of soaps and many other cosmetic products and holds its importance through its incredible health benefits, many of which are skin benefits.

Mahua leaves combined with Sesame oil is know to effectively treat and soothe skin problems such as eczema and rashes. Mahua oil is also especially effective against itching and provides relief from any irritating skin issues.

Mahua Skincare Products and Benefits

Mahua Oil improves texture and strength of skin. Mahua oil deeply hydrates the skin and prevents drying which helps fight against the cracking of skin in cold weather and keeps it glossy, warm and well moisturised.

Mahua butter is known to help increase moisture in the skin while also reducing fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes. It works to keep your skin looking youthful and give it a natural glow.

Mahua butter is also known to protect against sun damage, and while it shouldn’t be used as a substitute for sun block, it’s natural effect on the skin will keep your skin looking soft throughout the warmer months.

The benefits of Mahua for skin are fantastic for year round use, and is the reason why we use Mahua oil and butter here in our products at Mytri Wellness.

Not only is it completely natural and organic, it is vegan friendly, and we will not under any circumstances use chemicals, toxins are synthetic fragrances in any of our products.