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Ayurvedic Inspired Wellness. Dedicated Teams From The UK & India Bringing The Highest Quality Handmade Wellness Products. Our Goals Is To Provide Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free and Sustainably Made Products To All Our Customers

Our Story And Our Values

Mytri Wellness

Mytri Wellness is rooted on the principles of Ayurveda – Living well and in close harmony with nature.

The idea that people are starting to reject chemical-laden, artificial products and move to natural more organic, natural based products has provided a platform to promote the idea of Ayurveda in cosmetic and wellness products.


Natural soap display
Handmade soap display

Natural Ingredients

Ayurvedic products use herbs, plants, and other naturally occurring ingredients, also making them vegan friendly, cruelty free, sustainable, and entirely handmade.

Our Soaps and Creams are all entirely handmade and hand-poured. Made in small batches using cold press ingredients to ensure the highest quality in all our skincare products.

Supporting Local Enterprise

Social enterprise provides employment to more than 50 women and is run by 90% female employees, promotes young women to finance their higher education, from their own earnings at the unit. provides a safe working space for women.

Soap crafting process NGO in India
Powdering herb process

Small Batch & Cold Process

All products are made from vegetable oils and purest essential oils. The shelf life of all products is between 6 months to 18 months. This short shelf life is an assurance of the fact that there are minimal or no chemical preservatives put in the products. Our customers get to use freshly made herbal products when they are more potent and effective.

All product formulas are based on Ayurveda and aromatherapy. All products are made in small batches using the cold process method which preserves the quality of herbal ingredients. All products are handmade by rural women.

Sustainably Made

No air, water, noise, or soil pollution is caused during production. The soap unit is as silent as any other village house using as much electricity and creating no wastage of any kind. The runoff water from cleaning is used for watering fields.

The entire unit is solar-powered. All the units are powered by solar electricity, with a little requirement of power. No machinery except for hand blenders are used.

Handmaking soap process

Our Values

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible products.

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Vegan Friendly

Cruelty free skincare

Cruelty Free

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Handmade Products

Recycled products and materials

Sustainably Sourced

No added chemicals skincare

No Chemicals

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Sulphate and Paraben Free